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Respect for Environment

Loving earth, living green

Energy Efficiency

As an environmentally responsible business, we are constantly exploring better, more efficient ways to minimise energy consumption.

With great pride, we earned recognition from prominent local and international organisations for our steadfast pursuit of environmental protection.

WWF Hong Kong – Low Carbon Operation Programme 2015 – Gold Label

WWF Hong Kong – Low Carbon Operation Programme 2017 – Gold Label

Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate by Environmental Campaign Committee

Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate by Environmental Campaign Committee

IN FOCUS: Something from Nothing

IN FOCUS: Something from Nothing

Without incurring any upfront expenses, we recently upgraded our air-conditioners and lighting systems under the “Something from Nothing” project, a ground-breaking emission reduction collaboration with an energy consultancy company.

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Waste Reduction


57,010 kg
paper / metals / plastics / wood

48,873 pcs
electric devices / computers

Figures from June 2017 to May 2018

At HKBN, we understand the significance of waste reduction via the 4R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle, replace). Since May 2015, we introduced our own innovative recycling bin campaign, completely removing all personal waste bins in favour of a centralised recycling system for paper, plastics and metals.

To reduce paper usage, we’ve embraced a companywide e-workflow system. We also provide single-sided paper collection points and other recycling points to save paper, toner printer cartridges and other office materials.

Talent Commitment & Education

Talent Commitment & Education

On a regular basis, we encourage and inspire our Talents to make a positive impact for the environment through various educational activities and green living sharing sessions.

These include our rubbish bin recycling workshop, barter trade day, low carbon diet lunch seminar, farm-to-table farming experiential outings, indoor planting skills workshops, interactive online eco-questionnaires, green tips as well as our environmental performance updates.

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