Learning & Development

Driving growth through Talent development

Life-long Learning

Encouragement and support for continuous learning and development of our Talents is a quintessential part of life inside HKBN. Over the years, we established a number of unique education sponsorship and Talent support programmes geared towards cultivating our Talents:

Next Station: University

Next Station: University

Next Station: University I was a five-year programme organised in association with the Hong Kong Management Association. We supported 30 Talents from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to fulfill their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Wales.

After seeing 30 of our Talents graduate in November 2014, Next Station: University II carries on as a three-year curriculum with classes started in January 2016.

Learn more about the launch of Next Station: University II

Talent Infinity programme

This programme subsidises Talents’ part-time eMBA/MBA studies. This serves to equip them with forward-looking business knowledge and up-to-the-moment market insights.

Development & Training

Talents are appropriately nurtured through formal development and training programmes to expand our long-term prospects, and sustain our corporate aspirations, culture and values.

Management development – “Next CTO” Graduate Trainee Development Programme

Next CTO Graduate Technical Trainee Development Programme

Our Next CTO Programme grooms a group of Graduate Technical Trainees (GTT) to become Talents capable of formulating technology development alongside with the leadership skills needed to assume a future management role. In 2015, this programme enlisted seven Talents out of 1,185 applicants.

In July 2017, the programme recommenced through the enlistment of 2 elite participants from a short-listed group of 48 candidates. Our 2 GTT participants will undergo a variety of wide-ranging experiences, challenges and one-on-one coaching during the planned 24-month period.

Click here to meet our young GTT graduates


PowerBar Career Rotation Programme is a career rotation requirement for management Talents across a number of areas of our business. With Powerbar, our managers gain cross functional expertise, whilst it serves as a stress test for our succession pipeline.

Be a Pioneer

This one-year programme is designed to groom high potential team leaders with the aim of preparing them to step into a management role within an expected two-year period.

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