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Fast and Reliable Fibre-Optic Broadband

  • Ultra-fast and reliable

    Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) broadband at blazing fast 100M, 500M and 1000M speeds

  • Hong Kong’s first ‘Steady Speed Guarantee’ *

    Get reimbursed at double the cost for each day the guaranteed speed has not been reached

  • Competitive pricing

    Premium services at competitive and transparent rates

  • Unbeatable flexibility

    Get everything you need from our range of accommodating services with 180-day deferred start option and industry-pioneering dual 14-day cooling-off periods

  • Professional services

    Absolute excellence of service and know-how from our Certified Professional Engineers (CPE)

  • Easy online sign-up and renewal

    Sign-up and renew online in just a few simple steps

00M broadband service upload/download speed (from the wall plate at customer's home to HKIX) is guaranteed to be no less than 80Mbps, otherwise twice the amount of the relevant broadband service fee charged for the dates affected calculated on a pro-rata basis will be paid back in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions of the 100M Steady Speed Guarantee found at www.hkbn.net/tnc/en/SSG.html.

Specifications of 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps are based on Internet connection from the wallplate at customer's premises to the first piece of HKBN's network equipment. Maximum upload/download speed to local site could be up to 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps. The actual bandwidth that the customer can enjoy may be affected by customer hardware / software, router specification, site traffic loading, type of content being accessed and other environmental factors; and hence is normally less than the above speed. The bandwidth to overseas sites will also be subject to the conditions of local network there, and therefore the bandwidth might be even less.

Add-ons for your Home

HKBN offers a selection of wireless routers in various models, performance and pricepoints to cater to every discerning need.

Our professional Broadband technician will help you create a customised wireless Wi-Fi network to ensure connectivity is available anytime, anywhere in your home.


Stay connected on-the-go with wireless broadband

  • Over 11,000 hotspots

    Extensive HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots coverage throughout Hong Kong including major restaurant chains and shopping malls

  • Connectivity without boundaries

    Auto-login feature allows full access support for your devices to do everything from media streaming and P2P to VoIP and more

Access Plan will only be available to subscriber whose service installation address is at designated residential area with no provision of HKBN broadband service within 120 days prior to registration. Subscriber must commit to a designated fixed term contract with at least 24 months (unless otherwise specific). Standard Installation fee(s) of $680 of designated Plan(s) will be waived. Subscriber must make a prepayment (if applicable) (the prepayment will be rebated to the subscriber by crediting an appropriate amount to the relevant customer account monthly starting from the 1st month of the contract period). Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the relevant registration form or ask our staff for details.