Access Plan - A single monthly fee of $168 and up – An Ultimate Online Experience

  • FibreHome1000 bb 1000+
  • 1000Mbps
  • OR 500Mbps
  • OR 100Mbps

Type of Service

  • Home Broadband
  • HKBN Wi-Fi

Redefining broadband the way it should be

  • Extensive fibre-optic broadband coverage    Fast and reliable service

    As the first to provide high-speed “Fibre-To-The-Home” broadband technology in Hong Kong, HKBN reaches over 2.1 million homes with our broadband coverage#.
    24-hour network monitoring and protection to ensure users enjoy stable and high-quality broadband services.

  • Easy-to-use online registration and renewal    Flexible date options for service commencement

    Powerful online service platform for easy sign-up and renewal in just a few simple steps.
    With up to 180-day deferred start policy, customers can grab any promotional deal and activate the contract afterwards.

  • Reasonable pricing    Transparent service charges

    Committed to delivering outstanding services at reasonable prices that are always clear and transparent.

  • Industry-wide recognition for service excellence

    Recognized by Telecoms Asia Awards 2014, Asia’s most prestigious telecom industry awards, as the Best Broadband Carrier.
    Honored by HKMA with 2013 HKMA Quality Award.

#The above information is based on HKBN’s “Fibre-To-The-Home/Building” service coverage (residential units) as of November 2014.

Specifications of 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps are based on internet connection from the wallplate at customer's premises to the first piece of HKBN's network equipment. Maximum upload/download speed to local site could be up to 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps. The actual bandwidth that the customer can enjoy may be affected by customer hardware / software, router specification, site traffic loading, type of content being accessed and other environmental factors; and hence is normally less than the above speed. The bandwidth to overseas sites will also be subject to the conditions of local network there, and therefore the bandwidth might be even less.


Six service pledges


Hong Kong's first "Steady Speed Guarantee*"

Ensuring that your broadband experience is always at blazing-fast speeds, our unconditional speed guarantee gives you full confidence in our service. If for any reason service fails, you will be reimbursed at double the cost for each day the minimum speed has not been reached.


VIP customer support

As a VIP customer, you’ll enjoy direct access privileges to HKBN customer service representatives for one-stop assistance for all enquiries and technical support.


Free on-site checking & maintenance

With inspection and repairs by our Certified Professional Engineers free of charge during your contract period, go online with the peace of mind of knowing we have you covered.


Free Installation for service relocation

Save on additional expenses with a relocation fee waiver that remains valid throughout the life of your Access Plan contract.


Home hotspot

The ultimate in Wi-Fi expertise brings connectivity to every room in the home, giving you the best possible wireless internet experience.


Certified Professional Engineers (CPE)

Every HKBN technical personnel is professionally trained under our Certified Professional Engineers program to ensure you receive the absolute best levels of service and know-how.

Note: Terms for the above service pledges may vary according to the Access Plan selected. For more details, please contact your HKBN sales representative.

* 100M broadband service upload/download speed (from the wall plate at customer's home to HKIX) is guaranteed to be no less than 80Mbps, otherwise twice the amount of the relevant broadband service fee charged for the dates affected calculated on a pro-rata basis will be paid back in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions of the 100M Steady Speed Guarantee found at

The above service pledges are only applicable to selected Access Plans.

1000Mbps 500Mbps 100Mbps
3521 songs
1760 songs
352 songs
5000 photos
2500 photos
500 photos
7.5 GB
3.75 GB
750 MB
1. The calculations of above cases are based on the testing from the local server and the theoretical value
2. The approximate size of a photo is 1.5MB
3. The approximate size of a song (MP3) is 2.13MB
  • What is "Fibre-To-The-Home"?

    HKBN is proud to present "Fibre-To-The-Home" (FTTH), connecting your home direct to HKBN Network Operating Centre, then onto the Internet with our high-speed IEE802.3z technology network. This optical fibre network allows you to reach incredible speeds at 100Mbps - 1000Mbps.

  • What is "Fibre-To-The-Building"?

    HKBN also brings you "Fibre-To-The-Building" (FTTB), in which the optical fibre runs from HKBN Network Operating Centre to your building, connecting users in the building via CAT-5e cable at speeds of 100Mbps or higher. With FTTB, we are able to cater to different user needs by providing residential broadband services (10/100/100 BASE-T) at 100Mbps - 1000Mbps.

  • Not only enjoying ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband at home, HKBN Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband covers over 11,000
    Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong
  • Once completed the auto-login setting through any HKBN Wi-Fi hotspot, auto-login feature will be enabled to connect HKBN Wi-Fi automatically without entering username and password
  • Support all kinds of online activities including media streaming, P2P, VoIP, Download and Upload.
  • Support all Wi-Fi devices including laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, netbooks, iPhone / iPod Touchs and portable game consoles, HKBN Wi-Fi does not require any software installation, and could start enjoying the service straight from launching internet browsers.

Extensive hotspots coverage in Hong Kong, includes:

  • Restaurants+: McDonald’s, McCafe, Pret A Manger, Misocool; and specific Yoshinoya, Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine and Red Ant and more
  • Shopping Malls+ : IFC, New Town Plaza, The One, Grand Century Place, Domain Mall (Yau Tong), Tai Po Mega Mall, Kwai Chung Plaza, Nan Fung Centre and Golden Computer Arcade and more
  • Others+ : Hysan Place Jasons•Food & Living (Causeway Bay), UA Cinemas, Golden Harvest Cinemas, Universities & Institutions; and specific Jusco stores, Circle K and DSC stores and more

+HKBN Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband can only be activated at designated HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots provided by HKBN, for details, please click here.

Extensive hotspots coverage in HK, includes:

  • Restaurants : McDonald’s , McCafe, Starbucks, Pret A Manger, Misocool
  • Shopping Malls : IFC, New Town Plaza, The One, Grand Century Place
  • Others: Hysan Place Jasons . Food & Living in Causeway Bay, UA Cinemas, Universities & Institutions and more

HKBN Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband can only at designated HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots provided by HKBN, for details, please click here.

Access Plan Terms & Conditions:
Access Plan will only be available to subscriber whose service installation address is at designated residential area with no provision of HKBN broadband service within 120 days prior to registration. Subscriber must commit to a fixed term contract with at least 24 months (unless otherwise specific) , pay an installation charge of $380 (standard installation fee is $680) and make a prepayment (the prepayment will be rebated to the subscriber by crediting an appropriate amount to the relevant customer account monthly starting from the 1st month of the contract period). Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the relevant registration form or ask our staff for details.