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1. Can I subscribe to more than one broadband service?
Yes, but it also depends on our network coverage at your address. You can now check broadband coverage at your new address via our Online Registration Platform.
2. Can I change the registered installation address for my broadband service?
Yes. Please submit your application at least 30 days before service relocation day by calling your dedicated Customer Engagement Officer or visit our shops. We'll charge an administration fee for each relocation service. For details please refer to the list of "Gerneal Charge Items".
3. Does your company provide on-site repair services?
Yes. For enquiries, customer can contact 24hours Customer Engagement Officer by calling 128100.
4. Can I apply a name transfer of services, will it be charged?
Yes. An administration fee will be charged. For details please refer to the list of "General Charge Items".


1. What should I do if I cannot connect to the Internet?
The problem may be related to your computer settings. Please click here to resolve the problem with the 5 recommendations provided by HKBN. (MAC user please click here)
2. What should I do if I always get disconnected?
If you always get disconnected, this could probably be caused by loose cables, Firewall settings, or not using the latest version of IE Explorer. For details, please click here for the 5 recommendations to resolve the problem.
3. Do I need to set the IP address, DNS and Proxy Server?
You don't need to set the IP address, DNS, and Proxy Server specifically. Our system will automatically assign them for you.
4. How do I know if my "Pop-up Blocker" function is enabled?
You may click "Tools" on the menu bar of IE browser. Point to "Pop-up Blocker" and click "Pop-up Blocker Settings". If it shows "Pop-ups are currently blocked…", that means your "Pop-up Blocker" function is enabled and already blocked unwanted pop-ups from this specific Web site.


1. What are the basic system requirements for broadband internet service?
Service Types bb100 bb500/ FibreHome500/bb1000/ FibreHome1000
Central Processing Unit (CPU) Pentium 4 (3 GHz or above) Intel Core2 Duo P8700/2.5 (3 GHz or above)
System Memory 1GB or above 4GB or above
Hard disk 40GB ATA-133 or above 64GB SATA II SSD (Min. I/O speed of 200MB/s)
Network Adaptor 10/100M Network Adaptor 100/1000M Network Adaptor
Or other system requirements required from time to time
2. Can I use my own cable modem?
Sorry, you can't. If required, our company will provide the necessary equipment(s).
3. Can I use my own Ethernet card or USB Ethernet Adapter?
Yes, you can. You are recommended to properly install it prior to our installation.
4. Why is my internet connection so slow?
There are many factors that can affect your internet connection. For example:
  • Insufficient hard disk space and CPU speed can result in CPU overload while it can slow down the connection.
  • Run too many programs at the same time.
  • A number of connections accessing the same server and information simultaneously as a result of the website being incapable for handling so much information at the same time.
  • If you are connected to our network via the USB port, other USB equipment of your PC such as printer may affect your internet access speed as they share the USB port resources. Should you experience such problems, you can consider using Ethernet card to connect to our network instead.
  • If you are using a wireless router or broadband router, the connection speed may be affected if it is connected simultaneously to different online devices.

Email Service

1. What is the difference between Internet mail (Outlook) and Email Service?
Internet mail - You must set up a new e-mail account in Outlook Express first in order to receive emails. You can read all the emails once downloaded to your computer when receiving emails each time.
Email Service - You can log in to your Email Service account whenever and wherever you are once the connection is available. For Email Service service, all incoming and outgoing emails are kept in the server of a particular company instead of being downloaded to your computer.
2. Is HKBN's e-mail service free of charge?
HKBN provides free email service. However, the volume of free mail storage depends on which service plan you have subscribed to. For details please refer to the Welcome Letter and the list of "Gerneal Charge Items".
3. What Information do I need to setup an email account provided by HKBN?
The following indicates the setting information for the email account of HKBN. Please refer to the email settings within "My Account" for the specific server name. For enquiries on the setup, please click here for the demonstration. (MAC User please click here).
Domain Name Incoming Mail Server Name Outgoing Mail Server Name

Billing & Statement

1. Which date of the month will I receive my monthly statement?
We will provide it according to your requested delivery method every month. In general, the electronic billing statements are issued regularly from the 5th to 19th of each month and the paper statements are issued by mail on the 7th, 9th or 11th of each month. In addition, customer can login automatically to "MyAccount" starting from the 5th of each month to enquire about the latest billing statement. (subject to change in the above-mentioned dates in case of public holidays)
2. How can I settle my bill?
You can settle your bill through or at:
1. Credit Card / Bank Account Autopay
2. Internet Banking
3. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
4. PPS
5. Cheque
6. Designated Shops
7. 7-Eleven / Circle K / VanGO Convenience Store / CR Vanguard
Click here for illustration of the above methods.
3. How am I charged if I request to receive the monthly statement by mail?
We recommend our customers to receive statements by email, which is free and environmentally friendly. We will charge an administration fee if you request to receive the monthly statement by mail. For details please refer to the list of "General Charge Items".
4. How can I change the delivery method for my statement?
You can change the delivery method directly via MyAccount.


1. What is WI-FI?
WI-FI is a wireless broadband network technology, which allows you to stay connected to the Internet remotely.
2. How can I use HKBN Wi-Fi service?
With WI-FI-enabled devices, you can access to the Internet remotely with HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots available within the city via HKBN HKBN Wi-Fi service.
3. Where can I use HKBN Wi-Fi service?
When you are within the coverage of HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots, you can enjoy HKBN Wi-Fi service through your WI-FI-enabled device. HKBN Wi-Fi hotspots are now available in the city’s most bustling locations including McDonald’s and Knutsford Steps, etc. Please click here for hotspot search.
4. What is wireless network hotspot?
A wireless hotspot is a site that offers wireless Internet access in convenient public locations such as shopping malls, restaurants and fast food chain stores.

Service Registration

1. How do I apply for HKBN Wi-Fi serivce?
For details, please click here or call HKBN sales hotline at 3498 3498.

Service Guideline

1. What are the minimum system requirements for wireless Internet access?
Here is the list of system requirements for different operating systems:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or above Processor
  • 1GB or above system memory
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n WIFI compatible wireless card
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 above
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above/Firefox 4 or above
  • Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro & MacBook or above
  • Mac OS X or above
  • 256MB system memory
  • Mac AirPort (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n / WI-FI Wireless LAN card)
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 or above, Symbian S60 (Version 3) or above/UIQ 3.0 or above, iOS, Android OS 1.5 or above
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n / WI-FI Wireless LAN card
  • PSP
2. How do I know the quality of wireless connectivity between my WI-FI-enabled device and Access Point?
Your WI-FI-enabled device should already have utility programs to monitor the quality of the wireless connectivity and signal strength. Please refer to the user guide of the device for further details.
3. What is the bandwidth of this service?
The download bandwidth of this service can deliver up to 6Mbps provided that a good signal has been acquired between WI-FI-enabled device and the Access Point. However, the signal can become weak due to destructive interference of the signal or other factors such as the capacity and speed provided by the site.
4. What wireless LAN cards are compatible with HKBN Wi-Fi?
In general, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and standard LAN cards are most recommended for using HKBN Wi-Fi.
5. Is there any connection timed out?
No. If your WI-FI-enabled device is switched off or you are out of the coverage area, your connection will be automatically terminated after 15 minutes. (If there is no data transmission within 15 minutes, the connection will also be automatically terminated).
6. When I am using HKBN Wi-Fi in public locations, do I need to change my email settings to receive emails?
You don’t need to change your email settings to receive emails. However, you can select to receive emails if your email server blocks email from certain domain or IP.

Technical Support

1. How far does a WI-FI signal reach?
The signal connecting WI-FI to an Access Point can usually reach within 50m range in a closed environment. However, it may be affected due to signal interference, location and installation location of the Access Point. For example, the signal strength gets weaker if user walks further away from the Access Point, which may result in slow Internet speed.
2. What factors will affect the coverage of the wireless signal?
If the Wireless LAN Card or Access Point is placed near metal surfaces or high-density materials, the signal strength will be affected. If there are obstacles in the radio signal path between the Access Point and Wireless LAN Card, radio signal may either be absorbed or reflected, which the network coverage will be reduced. In addition, if there are other products that operate in the 2.4GHz radio spectrum including Microwave ovens or some cordless phones, it may also cause interference. As a result, please avoid yourself from these devices when using our service.
3. If I forget to logout before switching off my WI-FI-enabled device, will it be automatically disconnected after the device is switched off?
No. Turning off your WI-FI-enabled device will not allow you to disconnect automatically. The connection will be disconnected automatically if the connection has been idled for 15 minutes.
4. My WI-FI-enabled device is idled and automatically falls into sleep mode, am I still connecting to the service?
Yes, you are still connecting to our service. After your device is switched on, you can continue to stay connected to the Internet without logging in once again. Otherwise, please restart your device and try again. However, if you have reached the 15 minutes idle time, you need to login again.
5. If my WI-FI-enabled device experience hanging problems when using HKBN Wi-Fi, should I reconnect it again after reboot?
If you have exceeded 15 minutes idle time, you will still be connected to our service. After reboot, you can continue to access the Internet. If the idle timeout has expired, you need to restart the connection again.
6. What should I do if my connection to the Internet is disconnected?
In most cases, this may be the result of poor wireless connectivity between your computer and the Access Point. You may need to change the current position in order to improve the signal quality. If you are still unable to connect, please restart your WI-FI-enabled device and try again.
7. If the WI-FI-enabled device at my home has a fixed IP address, am I required to change the setting to use HKBN Wi-Fi?
Yes. You must change the IP address of your system in order to use HKBN Wi-Fi. Please refer to the user guide on how to configure your wireless network to obtain IP address from remote server. Please note that it is important to note down the original settings for your own reference.
8. Do I need to take any precautions when using HKBN Wi-Fi in public locations?
To strengthen the security level, your Login ID and password are encrypted and using SSL for data transmission security. In addition, we recommend you to use encryption when sending any confidential information.
9. How come I cannot connect to my office VPN through HKBN Wi-Fi?
Please first examine whether you can browse other sites through HKBN Wi-Fi and be assured that VPN is working properly. If no other issues are found, the real causes of the conflict may arise between your VPN settings and HKBN Wi-Fi. Please contact your VPA network operator to understand the case.
10. If my Wi-Fi-enabled device has already connected to the network name " -HKBN WI-FI-" or "- HKBN WI-FI -" and I immediately open a few applications that require Internet connection (such as apps, msn, Skype) but l am unable to use, why?
This is mainly because you haven't logged in HKBN Wi-Fi network. Please first open the browser connecting to any sites, your page will automatically direct you to our HKBN Wi-Fi landing page. Please enter your "Username" and "Password" at the landing page and select "Customer Type" and click "Log In". You can use the service immediately after logging in successfully.
11. If the browser cannot direct me to the login page, what should I do?
First, please confirm whether you are connected to the network name(also known as SSID or ESSID) of " -HKBN WI-FI-" or "- HKBN WI-FI -".
Then, you can examine the signal between Wireless LAN Card and the Access Point. If the reception strength is too weak, you may want to consider changing the position to improve the signal strength. Some Wireless LAN Card allows you to install an external antenna in order to improve the quality of the connection. If the problem persists, please ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements of our service. For details, please refer to the user guide.
12. How come I cannot access HKBN network in tertiary institutions? How should I get connected?
HKBN Wi-Fi users among all 8 recognized tertiary institutions are required to login through the SSID of Y5zone. Please select Y5zone from the wireless network list and your username and password remain unchanged.
13. What should I do if I cannot login successfully?
Please first confirm whether your login account is using HKBN Wi-Fi service and have not been suspended. Please verify whether you have entered the correct username (including the selection of the customer type) and password. Please note that the username and password are case-sensitive.

User Guide

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