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Noted: Speed Test forms and responsibilities: Customers understand that the speed Test refers to their network connected to the website hosted in the servers of Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) for uploading or downloading while the test results are for reference only. HKBN does not guarantee in either direct or indirect representations or expressions on the test results and shall not be responsible for any of this and other related legal obligations, disputes, grievances or complaints.

Terms and conditions of use

You must agree and adhere to the following Terms and Conditions at the time of using this website for downloading and uploading the speed test.

  1. Testing Platform:
    The speed test provided in this website is to provide user with a single platform as reference only. Customers understand that the speed test refers to their network connected to the website hosted in the server of Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) for uploading or downloading the speed test while the test results are for reference only. HKBN does not guarantee in formal representations and expressions on the test results while any of this and other related legal obligations, disputes, grievances or complaints shall not be responsible. In addition to the above use, the site does not allowed for any other purposes.
  2. Correct Use:
    If HKBN discovers that the broadband services provided in this website are used by any third party or perform any other illegal intrusive behavior, HKBN has its right to forward the record of use of the services to the relevant law enforcement department.
  3. Review:
    HKBN will store your record of services in this website separately. Any improper or illegal use of this website will be stored in the files of the Company.
  4. Responsibilities:
    You acknowledge and agree that HKBN will not accept any responsibilities for the following matters: (i) any loss of data on your computer’s pre-installed software and/or hardware for any loss or damage caused; (ii) computer system of any customer being caused by an error, interference or a computer virus which leads to customers or any third party suffered from any direct or indirect or special revenue, profits, goodwill or any consequential economic loss or lose of any other liability claims; (iii) violation of these terms and conditions caused by any action, liability, costs, claims, losses, damages, legal or other expenses or compensation.
  5. Customers are required to understand and accept to make full compensation from any violation of these terms and conditions either directly or indirectly that HKBN will suffer or incur any liability, claims, losses, damages and expenses etc.
  6. Modification:
    HKBN reserves its right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice and/or related reasons. HKBN reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions at anytime. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKBN shall be final and conclusive.
  7. Copyright and other intellectual property rights:
    The copyright of this website is owned by City Telecom (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries while City Telecom (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries shall retain any part of this website or the content of all intellectual property rights. Any party without the written consent of the Company cannot be re-produced to any part or content of this website.
  8. Violation:
    You agree to this website that any uploading and downloading speed test will not violate, infringe or damage any of the copyright owner, any person or entity of the legal rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark or service mark infringement, counterfeiting, slander or goodwill damage), any rights and any applicable laws and regulations. You must promise to compensate and bear all the violations arising from or related to any claims, actions, and/or due to the violations arising from all liabilities, losses, costs, legal fees, professional fees, expenses and other costs of any damage.
  9. General terms and conditions:
    Customer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of use. The general terms and conditions of HKBN are subject to the terms and conditions apply. Customers can freely obtain a copy of the terms and conditions from HKBN.
  10. The terms and conditions herein are bounded by the Laws of HKSAR in accordance with the legal interpretation of HKSAR.

System Requirement

Intel Pentium 4 3GHz or above
System Memory
1GB or above
Operation System
Windows 7 or above
Internet Browser
Network Connection
Please ensure you are not using Router connection
  1. Disconnect your computer from the Router then connect it to the Broadband connector on wall
  2. Close all running software or Peer-to-Peer applications
  3. Keep your CPU utilizations below 10%
  4. Make sure your PC is virus-free



1.Are HKBN customers only allowed to carry out the speed test under this website?
No. All customers from all broadband service providers can access to the speed test under this website.
2.Why are there two different speed tests?
The system requirements and require test time of both tests for 100Mbps and any bandwidth higher than 100Mbps shall require an application (Iperf) to be tested for the actual connection speed. Hence, user can choose their own speed test according to their connection.
3.If my connection speed is not equivalent to the values displayed (such as 6Mbps/8Mbps/10Mbps), can the test be continued?
Yes. If your bandwidth is 100Mbps or below, please select 100Mbps for testing. If your bandwidth is higher than 100Mbps, please select 500Mbps/1000Mbps. If you are using a Mac OS, please select Mac OS.
4.If I incorrectly selected the speed test choice (such as selecting 500Mbps/1000Mbps test for 100Mbps or below connection speed), what would the outcome be?
There would be an opportunity of invalid test result if your connection speed does not match with your selection. For example, user with 1000Mbps who chooses 100Mbps test can be resulted in inaccurate outcome due to improper testing.
5.Why is there a pop-up window of system security warning during the speed test? Is the test secured?
To ensure the user’s computer is safely protected, system security warning will prompt you every time about the underlying risks when you browse through different types of applications at different websites. The application from this website is absolutely safe, if there is a pop-up security window, just click “Run” to continue the test.
6.Does the connection speed test support wireless broadband users?
To ensure the connection reliability, we would recommend connecting the test computer directly to the broadband socket on wall. Connection through routers are not recommended.
7.If my computer prevents files from downloading or running the test application, what can I do to run the test?
Please make sure the individual settings of your firewall and anti-virus software do not block our testing, and then re-run the test or download the file.
8.What kind of servers is used for these two speed tests?
Speed test of 100Mbps and 500Mbps/1000Mbps are tested through the servers of Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) in order to provide a fair and reliable platform for speed test.
9.What is Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX)?
HKIX is an independent non-profit making organization, operated and managed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and responsible for the local exchange of Internet data. At the same time, HKIX is newly developed for the growing demand of data transmission in our local Internet to be interconnected with HKIX.
10.Is the test fair?
Absolutely Yes. Although the website is established by “HKBN”, it is intended to provide all broadband users in Hong Kong with a universal and neutral platform for the speed test. “HKBN” locates the speed test applications in HKIX server providing all broadband users to Upload/Download test.

FAQ for Speed Test

11.What kind of file is used for Speed Test?
Iperf applicaton is actually used for speed test, suitable for testing high-speed broadband connection. Iperf application records the Packet between user’s computer and server at designated time to determine upload/download bandwidth speed. Iperf is a commonly used network testing tool to measure bandwidth performance using TCP/IP and UDP/IP, providing the overall network of bandwidth speed.
12.Any areas to be aware of when running 100Mbps and 500Mbps/1000Mbps test?
Due to network settings, your computer should not connect through a router. If such router is connected to the computer, Iperf testing cannot be performed. In addition, all other applications and network activities will have to be closed to ensure the accuracy of the results. At the same time, please check whether your computer hardware is appropriate for such service requirements from broadband provider as those hardware specifications can directly impact the transmission speed when conducting speed test.
13.“File Download” window appears after pressing both 100Mbps and 500/1000Mbps test, how should I continue with the speed test?
When “File Download” window appears, you can simply press “Run” to continue the testing and such program may fail if it takes place after saving the file. Your system may subsequently appear security warning and choose “Run” to confirm as trusted site in running this application. Finally, “Application” window will then be prompted and click “Yes” to proceed with the testing.
14.I followed the instructions given on speedtest.com.hk for speed test, but the system appears the message of “Exceed maximum number of speed test, please try again later”, how do I re-test again?
To ensure the accuracy of the test, there will be limitation on the number of people for running the testing simultaneously in the system. If there are too many users entering the website to undertake speed test at the same time (Message Warning “Exceed maximum number of speed test, please try again later” will appear), the test may be discontinued. In case of any foregoing situation, please wait for a moment and click the button for testing.
15.How come I cannot run the test successfully?
Please ensure your broadband cable of your computer is not connected through a router. Due to configuration settings, connecting through the network with a router may hinder the operations of Iperf application. If your computer is required to connect through a router, you can configure the network to DMZ mode (Demilitarized Zone) and proceed with the testing. Please refer to the instructions of individual router for setting details.
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