Our Talents
Our Talents

Our Talents

People are Talents, not assets

Our greatest strength is our team of diverse Talents. And we’re doing everything to make HKBN the best place for our Talent force to work, thrive, learn and grow.
LIFE-work Priority

LIFE-work Priority

While others try to strike work-life balance, we uphold LIFE-work priority: our rule is that life, personal health and family should always come first before work. At HKBN, our Talents enjoy exceptional flexibility for leisure and personal needs.
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Talent Wellness
With Talents at the top of our priorities, we put our Talents’ physical and mental well-being first.

Inside HKBN, we have strict occupational health and safety measures in place to safeguard our Talents, and we work hard to comply with all relevant health and safety regulations in jurisdictions where we operate. Our occupational health and safety system is certified to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety. In addition, our Safety Committee is responsible for formulating our occupational health and safety strategy, as well as monitoring, reviewing and making recommendations. On a quarterly basis, the Safety Committee meets to discuss and review health and safety issues.

To ensure our Talents can work in a safe environment, safety inspections across sites such as offices, shops, warehouses and data centres in Hong Kong and mainland China are undertaken annually.
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Continuous Learning & Development
Talent Wellness

Meet our Co-Owners

Kenny Fong
Kenny FongCo-Owner and Manager –
Customer Service, Residential Solutions
The ‘Trust’ derived from Co-Ownership enables HKBN to empower us to make our own decisions – resulting in far better agility across the company. The Co-Owners mindset obliges us to ditch the legacy straitjackets in favour of innovation and disruptive growth.
Adele Chu
Adele Chu Co-Owner and Director –
Talent Engagement
The best way to ensure a bridge is built safely is to have the builders of that bridge live underneath with their families. Co-Ownership is a powerful expression of the belief and commitment our Talents have in HKBN. As a team united by ‘skin-in-the-game’, Co-Owners drive our growth with the passion of true entrepreneurs. We share the returns when the company succeeds, and feel the pain when it falters.
Arthur Choi
Arthur ChoiCo-Owner and Senior Manager –
Network Planning
In the past, we simply worked for the company, but today as Co-Owners we work for our own business – the difference is truly night and day. Every Co-Owner at HKBN works towards the same goal, and we all contribute our very best to build a growth-driven sustainable business. This differentiates us from others.