Continuous Learning & Development

Supporting life-long development remains a crucial example of how we treat Talents as priority number one

Life-long Learning

Encouragement and support for continuous learning and development of our Talents is a quintessential part of life inside HKBN. Over the years, we established a number of unique education sponsorship and Talent support programmes geared towards cultivating our Talents:

Next Station: University

Tailor-made Bachelor’s Degree Programme

We launched the Next Station: University I, a five-year programme organised in association with the Hong Kong Management Association in 2009, to empower our Talents to fulfil their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The programme supported 30 Talents from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Wales.

After seeing 30 of our Talents graduate in November 2014, Next Station: University II carries on as a three-year curriculum with classes started in January 2016.

Learn more about the launch of Next Station: University II

MBA/eMBA Sponsorship

This programme subsidises Talents’ part-time eMBA/MBA studies. This serves to equip them with forward-looking business knowledge, up-to-the-moment market insights and executive management skills.

Leadership Development & Training

Talents are appropriately nurtured through a series of development and training programmes to expand our long-term prospects, and sustain our corporate aspirations, culture and values. Adhering to the philosophy of “Teaching for Learning”, Talents represent HKBN to learn from world-class best practices, and then share the insights that they have harvested with other Talents, leading the company to grow stronger.

Graduate Trainee Programme

A series of trainee programmes are developed to groom young Talents into specialists of different fields, such as marketing, finance, Talent management, Talent development and more. Among them, our Next CTO Programme is one that specially for young Talents interested to develop their career in the technical field.

Our Next CTO Programme grooms a group of Graduate Technical Trainees (GTT) to become Talents capable of formulating technology development alongside with the leadership skills needed to assume a future management role. In 2015, this programme enlisted seven Talents out of 1,185 applicants.

In July 2017, the programme recommenced through the enlistment of 2 elite participants from a short-listed group of 48 candidates. Our 2 GTT participants will undergo a variety of wide-ranging experiences, challenges and one-on-one coaching during the planned 24-month period.

Click here to meet our young GTT graduates

Graduate Trainee Programme

Flexible Job Placement

PowerBar Career Rotation Programme is a career rotation requirement for management Talents across a number of areas of our business. With Powerbar, our managers gain cross functional expertise, whilst it serves as a stress test for our succession pipeline.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The 1- year Be a Pioneer Management Development Programme is designed to groom high potential team leaders with the aim of preparing them to step into a management role. Participants undertake development of their core leadership competencies, which have ranged from participation in development workshops, business innovation, risk management and others.

Dynamic Team Building Approach

Recognising the importance of building a cooperative work environment, we regularly organise various team building activities to inspire, as well as improve cross-team networking, cooperative relationships for greater synergy, efficiency and morale.

Inspiring Management Trips

Each year, we arrange an experiential trip that is designed to inspire our managerial Talents with a range of unique experiences. For over 10 years now our annual experiential trips have been themed journeys to different parts of the world – “InnoVIETour 2017”in Vietnam, “Seoulmates 2016” in South Korea, “Le Tour de Force 2015” in Taiwan, “Better Life South Africa 2013”, “HappinUS - In Search of Happiness 2012”, “Paint Our Dream Cambodia 2011” etc. – that have delivered some very valuable opportunities for cross-team networking and learning.

Inspiring Management Trips
Welcoming Challenges

Welcoming Challenges

Embracing physical activities ensures we always have the passion and fortitude to overcome any challenge – small, big or the 'impossible'. For the eleventh consecutive year, around 100 HKBNers toughed it out to finish their sprint (full, half and 10 km) of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Moreover, over 60 Talents conquered their very first Spartan Race – an obstacle filled event designed to push mind and body to its limits in 2018. We also participated in dragon boat races, and organised our very own HKBN football and basketball leagues which feature participation from over 100 Talents.

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