Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

HKBN’s Board brings together a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise.

Bradley Jay HORWITZ
Bradley Jay HORWITZChairman and Independent Non-executive Director
Chu Kwong YEUNG (William YEUNG)
Chu Kwong YEUNG (William YEUNG)Executive Director
Ni Quiaque LAI (NiQ LAI)
Ni Quiaque LAI (NiQ LAI)Executive Director
Agus TANDIONONon-executive Director
Shengping YU
Shengping YUNon-executive Director
Zubin Jamshed IRANI
Zubin Jamshed IRANINon-executive Director
Edith Manling NGAN, MH
Edith Manling NGAN, MHIndependent Non-executive Director
Quinn Yee Kwan LAW, SBS, JP
Quinn Yee Kwan LAW, SBS, JPIndependent Non-executive Director
Stanley CHOW
Stanley CHOWIndependent Non-executive Director
Hongfei YU
Hongfei YUAlternate Director