Culture Statement

HKBN Culture Statement

Core Purpose: “Make our Home a Better Place to Live.”

“Make our Home a Better Place to Live” is our north star. Every decision we make, every action we execute should move us a step closer towards our north star, but we will never get there, just like ancient sailors using the northern stars for navigation. We see profit as a subset of PURPOSE, and we run HKBN for PURPOSE. We aspire to inspire other companies with our results. Please judge us by our actions rather than our words.

Our unique culture includes:

  • Skin-in-the-game. We believe people want to do the right thing, but conflicts of interest or misalignments clouds what is right. Our macro Co-Ownership and project specific pain/GAIN initiatives align us as a company. When what is right for oneself and what is right for the company are fully aligned, then magic happens naturally. Co-Ownership and pain/GAIN initiatives mean our Talents have skin-in-the-game and are living underneath the bridge that we built.
  • LIFE-work priority. We work to live, not live to work.
  • Talent obsession. At HKBN we only have Talents, not staff. We must first WOW our Talents before we can WOW our other stakeholders such as customers, business partners, community, shareholders, etc.
  • Empowerment. Risk-free business is an oxymoron as businesses must take on risks. We must make smart attempts that we can afford to lose, then let natural probabilities play out over time. Our growth mindset means that we separate smart attempts from results, celebrate smart attempts irrespective of outcome and take sunshine pride in our failures as we experiment our way to success.
  • Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA). We are humbly arrogant as we dare to change our world and break legacy norms. Everything we do must have a clearly defined LUCA to make an impact, otherwise let others do it.
  • Go Big or go home. We make bold moves so as to have a lasting impact, otherwise let others do it.
  • Elite sports team. As an elite sports team we give conditional love based on performance; if youwant unconditional love go home. We exit the bottom 5% of our salary base every year.
  • Change or die. And we want to live.
Note to existing and future potential Talents: We hope that reading about our Culture Statement invokes an extreme emotional reaction such that you either love it or hate it – just don’t be indifferent to it. If you love it, come join us and if you don’t, then don’t join us, i.e. vote with your feet. We need elite Talents with fire to “Make our Home a Better Place to Live”.

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