Aligning HKBN Talent interests with the company and HKBN shareholders’

Our Co-Ownership Advantage

Co-Ownership is a powerful expression of the belief and commitment our Talents have in HKBN.

As shareholders who have chosen to invest their own savings in HKBN, or to invest a portion of their salary towards a common KPI for our beyond-Hong Kong business, our over 900 Co-Owners (supervisory and management level Talents in the Group) lend true meaning to the phrase “my company”. As a team united with “skin-in-the-game”, Co-Owners drive our continuous growth with passion and share the returns with the company if the KPIs are achieved or exceeded. Together, the combined entrepreneurial spirit, passion and experience of our Co-Owners ensure that we are always competitive, our infrastructure and technology are the best they can be, investments are sound and we exceed our customer expectation. This forms the basis to HKBN’s unique DNA and our Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA).

Meet our Co-Owners
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