Our Co-Owners,
Our Unique Advantage

Hundreds of HKBN supervisory and management level Talents have invested their own savings in shares to become Co-Owners of our company. This unique voluntary scheme ensures that our Co-Owners have 'skin-in-the-game' alignment with the company and shareholders to drive our growth, such that if company KPIs are achieved or exceeded, our Co-Owners get to share in the success via bonus shares.


Together, we have hundreds of Co-Owners who share a vision and entrepreneurial passion to lead HKBN to further levels of breakthrough and success.


For stakeholders like our customers, this is the HKBN difference – as it means that at any contact point with HKBN, a Co-Owner is likely within 1 or 2 layers of reach.

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Meet our Co-Owners

Kenny Fong
Kenny FongCo-Owner and Manager –
Customer Service, Residential Solutions
The ‘Trust’ derived from Co-Ownership enables HKBN to empower us to make our own decisions – resulting in far better agility across the company. The Co-Owners mindset obliges us to ditch the legacy straitjackets in favour of innovation and disruptive growth.
Adele Chu
Adele Chu Co-Owner and Director –
Talent Engagement
The best way to ensure a bridge is built safely is to have the builders of that bridge live underneath with their families. Co-Ownership is a powerful expression of the belief and commitment our Talents have in HKBN. As a team united by ‘skin-in-the-game’, Co-Owners drive our growth with the passion of true entrepreneurs. We share the returns when the company succeeds, and feel the pain when it falters.
Arthur Choi
Arthur ChoiCo-Owner and Senior Manager –
Network Planning
In the past, we simply worked for the company, but today as Co-Owners we work for our own business – the difference is truly night and day. Every Co-Owner at HKBN works towards the same goal, and we all contribute our very best to build a growth-driven sustainable business. This differentiates us from others.