Respect for Environment

Loving earth, living green

Energy Efficiency

As an environmentally responsible business, we are constantly exploring better, more efficient ways to minimise energy consumption.

With great pride, we earned recognition from prominent local and international organisations for our steadfast pursuit of environmental protection.

To help us fulfill this commitment, we’ve appointed an energy consultant to explore further energy saving opportunities.

Wastewi$e Certificate - Excellence Level

Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence Level

Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate by Environmental Campaign Committee

Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate by Environmental Campaign Committee

Charter on External lighting – Platinum Award

Charter on External lighting – Platinum Award

IN FOCUS: Something from Nothing

IN FOCUS: Something from Nothing

Without incurring any upfront expenses, we upgraded our air-conditioning and lighting systems in our offices under the “Something from Nothing” project, a ground-breaking emissions reduction collaboration with an energy consultancy company.

Since 2016, we have expanded the project’s scope to include our data centres. As of July 2018, a total of around 44 million kWh in electricity consumption has been saved, equivalent to about 2,240 tonnes of carbon cut. The consultancy company was rewarded by sharing a portion of the energy cost savings resulted.

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Waste Reduction


56,511 kg
Paper / Metals / Plastics / Wood / Food Waste

5,794 kg

Figures from September 2018 to August 2019

At HKBN, the significance of waste reduction is applied via the 4R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace. Since 2017, we have commissioned a recognised service provider to help collect and process recyclable materials. In addition, we launched a waste management guideline and environmental handbook to ensure that the flow of waste is properly and effectively managed.

To reduce paper usage, we’ve embraced a company-wide e-workflow system. In addition, we have also widely expanded the use of FSC paper to all kinds of printed materials, including name cards, letterheads and envelopes to support sustainable forest development.

Talent Commitment & Education

Talent Commitment & Education

On a regular basis, we inspire and encourage our Talents to make a positive impact for the environment through various educational activities and green living sharing sessions. These include Green Bazaar, No Tissue Day, No Straw Day, Upcycled Wood ‘String Art’ Workshop and more. We have also created green tips and an environmental handbook to enhance our Talents’ environmental awareness.

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