Environmental Stewardship

Smarter, Greener & Better

Minimizing impacts, maximizing efficiencies. For the good of our planet, HKBN is pursuing smarter and more responsible ways to improve eco-performance across our entire operation.

Environment Vision


HKBN commits to achieving Environmental Excellence throughout our business cycle to combat climate change and promote environmentally responsible best practices to our Talents, customers, business partners and the community at large.

Environmental Target

HKBN has set S.M.A.R.T. targets to anchor our strategy for performance improvement, while maintaining agility for business growth. These include FY25 targets against FY20 baseline:

Reduce 40% CO2e

Reduce 8% electricity usage

Increase waste diversion rate to 55%

Environmental Commitments

HKBN is committed to leveraging smart technology to continuously reduce our carbon emissions and improve our operational efficiency

HKBN embraces the Reduce-Recycle-Reuse principle of waste management and is committed to minimise our operational waste

HKBN is committed to lowering climate change risks and increasing our resilience through applicable technologies and innovations

HKBN is committed to promoting green living and better usage of resources amongst our Talents

Areas of Focus

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Something from Nothing

Since 2016, we have partnered with a consultant to transform our energy efficiency through a ground-breaking collaboration project which required no capital investment from HKBN, despite numerous energy efficiency upgrades implemented at our offices, warehouses and data centres. Investments for all incurred retrofitting has been fully funded by our consultant, who shares a fraction of our energy cost savings as compensation. As at the end of FY21, the accumulated energy saved over the past five years totaled:

7,125,851 kWh
electricity saved via Something from Nothing project in Hong Kong over previous five years

3,800 tonnes
of CO2 emissions offset

$2.5 million
net savings in electric utility

Increase Resource Efficiency

Increase Resource Efficiency

At HKBN, the significance of waste reduction is applied via the 4R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace:

  • Launched Green event guideline and waste management guideline
  • Set up our own workshop to repair and refurbish equipment ranging from routers to phone line switches
  • Commissioned a recognized service provider to help collect and process recyclable materials
  • Work with Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre to recycle waste lead acid batteries into reusable materials
  • By “saying no to plastic and disposable cutlery”, our Talents are encouraged to use reusable tableware

Promote Environmental Awareness

Talent Commitment & Education

We strive to enhance our Talents environmental awareness. We inspire and encourage our Talents to make a positive impact for the environment through various educational activities and sharing sessions related to green living. These include veggies food sharing, planting and more. We have also created green tips and an environmental handbook to underpin our environmental commitments.

Education for External Stakeholders

Our journey to a greener world requires more than just us. Mindful of this, we continue to focus on spreading the message, sharing best practices and inspiring more companies and organizations to do their part for our planet.

Responses to Climate Change

To better address climate risk, we setup a special Climate Risk Management Team (“CRM”) (led by our Co-owner & Associate Director — Corporate Social Investment and Administration, and comprises members from Talent Engagement — Environment and Network Operations) to ensure that business risks related to climate change are actively mitigated.

In additions, a number of climate risk scenarios that are most relevant to our business have been identified, and categorized them into Physical and Transition risks.

Environmental Performance

As an environmentally responsible business, we are constantly exploring better, more efficient ways to minimise energy consumption.

With great pride, we earned recognition from prominent local and international organizations for our steadfast pursuit of environmental protection.

BEC Low Carbon Charter

As a signatory of the BEC Low Carbon Charter, HKBN is committed to supporting Hong Kong’s transition to a low-carbon economy and implementing concrete actions against climate change.

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Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate by Environmental Campaign Committee
Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence Level
Sustainability Business Award 2020 by World Green Organisation
Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Collaborative Partnership by International Facility Management Association

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