With Purpose driving us, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) plays an integral part of our core business and strategy. Having a strong ESG mindset ensures that companies are much more focused on long-term value creation and better positioned to adapt to change.

Through a vision to “lead as an innovative ESG enabler”, our innovative approach aims to supercharge ESG internally across HKBN’s operations, and externally, by empowering stakeholders to achieve triple bottom line at scale.

HKBN ESG Strategy
Lead as an Innovative ESG Enabler
Talent Co-Ownership
Talent Co-Ownership
  1. Talent interest alignment
  2. Talent obsessed engagement and development
  3. Diversity and inclusion
Technology for Good
Technology for Good
  1. Market-ready ESG solutions
  2. Digital inclusion for our communities
Transforming Business
Transforming Business
  1. Climate action
  2. Impactful customer experiences
  3. Data privacy and security
  4. Reliable and responsible services
  5. Win-win-win partnership and value chain

Our continued dedication to ESG has driven us to receive a rating of AA in MSCI's 2021 ESG Ratings assessment. Since 2016, we have been a constituent of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, which has recognised us with AA ratings for the past three consecutive years – the highest in Hong Kong’s telco industry!

For more about our ESG commitment and work, please refer to our annual report and performance highlights.


Connecting people and businesses
Fibre network covers over
2.4 million homes
7,500 commercial buildings
  • Core network availability at 100% for Residential customers
  • Core network availability at 99.9996% For Enterprise customers
Affordable service
Price ceiling of 100Mbps residential broadband set at 1% of Hong Kong median household income
Levelling the playing field for SMEs
Expansion of affordable solutions to help SMEs stay competitive
Purposeful shared resource e-Commerce
HOME+ features over 15,000 products, including many from social enterprises and NGOs
Improving customer lifestyles
Expanded IoT home automation ecosystem of HKBN Smart
Better connectivity experiences with enhanced Tri-carrier Network, upgraded WiFi 6 Gateway

Over 5,200 Talents

male 3,414    female 1,804
Workforce based on gender

13.27 average training hours per Talent
Hundreds of Co-Owners with skin-in-the-game alignment to drive success
Introduced 4+1 (Office + Work From Home) Hybrid Work Mode
Newly launched 14-day Adoption Leave
Offered 1,237 hours of health and safety training for Talents and sub-contractors
0 fatalities
HKBN does business with over 2,000 suppliers
90% of suppliers endorsed and acknowledged our Supplier Code of Conduct
Supplier questionnaire revamped to better identify our supply chain’s ESG-related risks
reduction in carbon emissions targeted by FY 25
electricity saved through Something From Nothing project in Hong Kong since 2016
increase in waste diversion targeted by FY25
Social Impact e-Shopping
Lowered barriers for SPOs and small businesses to do business on HOME+ platform
Amid COVID restrictions, 446.25 total hours volunteered for community initiatives
Free IT consultations and discounted solutions to help SPOs digitally transform
HKBN Talent CSI Fund launched 2 new funds to empower youth creativity
Identified aspects of our operation to mitigate risks from climate change
8 impromptu cybersecurity phishing assessments conducted for all Talents in FY21
25 cybersecurity memos sent internally to build all-round vigilance
Safeguarding customer privacy
We never store full credit card numbers
Hong Kong Identity Card numbers only partially visible to our front-line Talent
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