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Headquartered in Hong Kong with operations spanning across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Macau, HKBN Group is a leading integrated telecom and technology solutions provider. Through three core brands, Hong Kong Broadband Network, HKBN Enterprise Solutions and JOS, the Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions that include broadband, data connectivity, cloud and data centre, managed Wi-Fi, business continuity services, system integration, cybersecurity, mobile services, roaming solutions, digital solutions, voice and collaboration, stationery and supplies that are cumulative to our one-stop-shop offering of Transformation as a Service (TaaS) and OTT entertainment.

In Hong Kong, we currently serve 1 in 2 active companies and 1 in 3 households. Our powerful network comprises three fibre optic networks of HKBN, NWT and WTT, covers 2.4 million residential homes passed and over 7,300 commercial buildings and facilities across Hong Kong, offering route diversity and high reliability for customers.

In 2004, we successfully built the world’s largest Metro Ethernet network. In 2005, we became the first Internet Service Provider in Hong Kong to offer 1,000Mbps residential Fibre-to-the-Home service. In 2013, we acquired Y5Zone Limited and further expanded our Wi-Fi business. In 2016, we strengthened our Enterprise Solutions business with the acquisition of New World Telephone Holdings Limited’s telecommunications (NWT). Following that, we acquired ICG in 2018 to form a cloud system integration powerhouse. In 2019, we merged with WTT as well as acquired JOS, a leading system integrator and technology consultant. Through these mergers and acquisitions, we’ve completed our evolution from a telco into a leading integrated telecom and technology solutions provider serving customers in markets across Asia.

In 2020, we joined force with partners to launch HOME+, a brand-new online shopping platform that brings merchants of all types and sizes under a shared economy platform, enabling them to share resources and strengths and forge fruitful partnerships – all while delivering to customers products of great value.

At HKBN, we are a diverse group of Talents who share a common belief that businesses should play a more significant role in making society better. Wherever we operate, this common thread links us to embrace “Make our Home a Better Place to Live” as HKBN’s core purpose.

Setting us apart, HKBN is managed by Co-Owners (supervisory and management level Talents in the Group) who have invested their own savings to buy the shares of HKBN Ltd. or invest a portion of their salary towards a common KPI for our beyond-Hong Kong business. By having ‘skin-in-the-game’ interest alignment with the company, Co-Owners will share the returns if the company KPIs are achieved or exceeded. Through this unique dynamic of accountability and interest alignment, we’re motivated to scale new heights for customers every day. In addition, HKBN also takes great pride in developing our Talents into a competitive advantage.

HKBN Group is part of HKBN Ltd., which is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK Stock Code: 1310).

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