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As a leading telecom and technology solutions provider driven by Purpose, HKBN go beyond pure philanthropy to use Corporate Social Investment (CSI) to drive long-term, sustainable social impact for the local communities. We aim to create a better digital future — by making technology more accessible and digitally inclusive to improve communities, education and the workplace. We promote digital inclusion via two main aspects, they’re (1) Creating Shared Value (“CSV”) initiatives that benefit both our business and our communities. and (2) Volunteering and Community initiatives that address the community’s most pressing connectivity and technology needs. Referencing international digital inclusion benchmarks, we strive to achieve three key priorities:

1. Access - Enhancing access to digital technologies
2. Skills - Improving people’s technological skills, and
3. Use - Cultivating a safer use of technology for marginalised groups and social profit organisations

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Creating Shared Value (“CSV”) initiatives

Digital Transformation of Social Profit Organisations (Hong Kong) ACCESS USE

HKBN devoted to support Social Profit Organisations’ (SPOs)’ capacity building via our expertise. With the pandemic changing the way we work and do business, many SPOs risk falling behind. Due to their lack of IT knowledge and resources, we’re helping to move SPOs forward — by providing an extensive range of IT solutions at affordable prices. As part of this support, our Enterprise Solutions team in Hong Kong provides free consultations to analyse pain points and make appropriate IT recommendations. To date, a wide range of IT services have been deployed, like offering our FixIT service, providing cybersecurity solutions to mitigate digital risks, and tailoring CRM systems and infrastructure. For any SPOs interested, please contact:

WE+@HOME+ (Hong Kong) ACCESS

Adding greater social impact, we partnered with Social Venture Hong Kong (SVHK) to launch the WE+ marketplace as a featured element of our e-commerce HOME+. HOME+ enables merchants of all sizes to sell their products online without slotting fees or annual fees — WE+ greatly lowers the barriers for small businesses and Social Profit Organisations (“SPOs”), offering free marketing support to generate revenue for their social goals. Through social-impact purchasing, the WE+ marketplace gives customers a chance to shop and be change-makers, simultaneously benefiting small and social enterprise merchants, the communities they benefit, and our HOME+ business. To date, 16 SPOs have joined WE+, specialising in local products, experiential activities, sustainable commodities and goods that give back to the community.

Volunteering and Community initiatives

Cyber Wellness in the Dark (Hong Kong) USE

To further promote cyber wellness learning in the community, HKBN Group partnered with Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation to introduce the first-ever cyber welling learning experience in complete darkness in 2022 - namely “Cyber Wellness in the Dark” for students aged 9 to 12. Through the 60 minutes experience, the tour allows students to experience the similarity of surfing on the internet and darkness – unable to obtain complete information, uncertainty about cyber friends’ identity etc. Students will complete different tasks and join the 30 minutes sharing to learn cyber wellness knowledges such as password setting and management, information identification process, personal information protection and nurture their cyber empathy. All in all, we aim to enhance participants’ cyber wellness competence as a responsible cyber citizen. Interested parties can enroll here.

PC Doctor (Hong Kong) SKILL USE

The “PC Doctor” volunteer programme was first introduced since 2015, which is an on-going programme that support the basic digital skills development towards the community. Our engineers volunteered their time to provide free assistance to help diagnose and fix computers for underprivileged families through home visits.

To share the cyber wellness knowledge to beneficiaries, the PC Doctors has conducted a series of IT classes and cyber wellness assessment to children, underprivileged women and the elderly which tailored around the everyday tech needs of them to protect the cyber security and build healthy digital usage.

Interested organisations can contact our CSI Team at to arrange “PC Doctors” services.

“TEENgineer” AI-Code Programme (Guangzhou) SKILL

To foster innovative thinking among students, as well as enhance their knowledge in the computer sciences, our IT Talents from Guangzhou volunteer to teach the concepts and knowledge of programming to Guangzhou students in need. Through these educational exercises, which was kicked start in November 2019, our Talents combined LEGO blocks with their IT expertise, teaching young participants about the wonders of AI programming. We will continue to serve children in need for logic learning via AI code programming and popularize programming concepts.

HKBN #ToughTimesTogether (Hong Kong) ACCESS

The world changed permanently with COVID. As a purpose-driven Group, we responded with decisive #ToughTimesTogether actions from the pandemic’s outset — stepping up to lead by example — to show how businesses (those fortunate enough in a position to do so) can give back to local communities and help alleviate the challenges, to better address the needs of different stakeholder groups.
We provided our fibre broadband service free for two years to 10,000 disadvantaged households, 1,000 free unlimited local mobile data SIM cards for disadvantaged families with children and launched the “Donate Your Own Device for Students” to donate notebook computers and tablets for disadvantaged students, to empower them online learning. Besides, we gave away free unlimited local mobile data and smartphones to help over 720 residents (elderly and persons with disabilities) stay connected and conduct tele-health services through video calls.

HKBN Talent CSI Fund

Comprising a mix of HKBN Talents and community leaders, the HKBN Talent CSI Fund Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring the Fund’s governance and operations.
Comprising a mix of HKBN Talents and community leaders, the HKBN Talent CSI Fund Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring the Fund’s governance and operations.

HKBN Talent CSI Fund (“CSI Fund”) is an independently operated charity with an aim to support youth related social investment projects through innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to help mitigate social issues and address community needs. CSI Fund was first established in 2015 with an initial seed funding of HK$5 million from Co-Owners of HKBN Ltd. (“HKBN”). In 2020, HKBN’s Co-Owners donated another 4 million of their HKBN shares (including twice a year share dividends), with further shares pledged for donation in the future, to sustainably empower CSI Fund and its purposeful initiatives. To date, the Fund has organised over 50 projects which have touched the lives of over 8,000 beneficiaries.

CSI Fund is a charitable institution exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The Board of Directors of CSI Fund comprises of a mix of HKBN Talents and community leaders.

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